Generic Philips Sonicare PowerUp Replacement Brush Head – 4 Pack


Looking To Save Money But Get A High Quality Generic?

Pearl Enterprises® PowerUp is designed with top quality materials, with the customer in mind! Pearl Enterprises® has a quality team who experiment with the brush heads in all different ways, ensuring that we only sell the outstanding quality the customer is looking for.


Pearl Enterprises® PowerUp offers the comfort and convenience of a familiar brushing motion similar to what you would experience with a traditional manual toothbrush, but provides more brush strokes in one day than your manual does in one month. The result is a thorough, complete clean every time you brush. Generic 4 Pack Philips Sonicare PowerUp’s cleaning action helps to improve gum health and reduces cavities by removing more plaque than a manual. Criss-cross bristles on the side gently and effectively clean along the gumline. Our superb brush heads visibly fade from blue to white so you know when to replace your brush head. The exceptional PowerUp drives fluid deep between teeth and along the gumline for superior, gentle cleaning. Its also a larger brush head offering more coverage.

Please Note:

★ This Pearl Enterprises® PowerUp brush heads is specifically designed for use with PowerUp Battery tooth brush only. HX3013/64

★ For Optimal Results, a New Brush Head is Recommended Every 3 Months

Pearl Enterprises®, Top of the line quality, because we value our customers!



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