DentaLab Grinding Guard

These mouth guards are made of high-quality silicone materials. We do not use any latex materials to ensure you have a safe experience using our guards. The guards are BPA-free, giving all individuals a safe and hygienic way to finally stop grinding your teeth. These mouth guards are moldable, and easy to adjust to provide maximum comfort. OralMed dental protector is great, and fits your mouth perfectly after molding. The guards are perfect for bruxism and teeth grinding, and is guaranteed to reduce your teeth wear.


★ Made of (non-latex) silicone material- and BPA-free dental-grade materials that are highly hygienic.

★ Moldable design provides a comfortable, custom fit that conforms to your mouth’s shape.

★ Quality materials allow the trays to retain their structure and shape for a longer time.

★ Can be Worn as a Dental Protector, Teeth Whitening Tray and Athletic Mouth Guard.

★ Dentist approved.

★ Easy to Fit and Remove.




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