5-Piece Acne Blackhead Removal Tool Set


ERGINONIC GRIP — Non-slip design for different sized finger and variety of holding positions, so you have easy control and precise handling for the entire process
MULTI USE—Blackhead Remover Dermatologist Grade Kit, Get Rid Of Blackheads & Blemishes, BEST Extractor Tool Set That Treats Facial Impurities´╝î You can safely sterilize all tools before and after use without them corroding or reacting negatively. 100% hygienically approved, making it easier to eliminate acne, blackheads pimples comedones and all other facial impurities without any irritations, allergic reactions, or skin redness.
SCIENTIFIC DESIGN — the professional electroplated needle won’t cause sensitivity issues and works on all types of skin
UNIQUE TRAVEL PACKAGING — our pins included tin carrying case keeps tools safe, clean and conveniently packed for transport or storage
SHARP NEEDLE — If used properly, it can easily minimize the blemish, but always remember – be gentle

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Using acne tool steps:

1. Gather and prep required tools: medical grade alcohol pads, come done toolkit, antiseptic wipes and cotton pads.
2. Open pores: wash face with warm water or place warm, wet towel over face for 2-3 minutes.
3. Wash hands and disinfect extractor tools: wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, then use medical grade alcohol pads to clean all required tools.

The Blackhead Remover Kit is a quality product with many benefits, including:

Surgical grade tools with proven effectiveness.
Rust-free, corrosion and stain resistant.
Designed for comfort on skin and easy handling.
Fully equipped to extract any size blemish, anywhere on your body.
Anti-Acne tools recommended by professionals. Why risk your health and beauty with tools of unproven quality when you can get the very best blackhead remover tools used by actual professionals.

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